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Where the battle for wealth begins

At a time when the world is preoccupied with technology and innovation, wealth and power, information and connection, one of the most powerful truths is this: the single, most important arena where the battle for the fate of the human race will be fought is within the walls of our own home.

Conversations at mealtimes are extremely more important than Facebook posts. What children do during their spare time at home are more indicative of the kind of leaders we will have 30 years from now than any training in school or anywhere else. The language that we speak, the food that we eat, the games that we play at home, how well we act as stewards of money and resources, the amount of real and deep conversations that we have—all these have more impact in molding our young than anything else the Department of Education can ever create.

It is a tragedy that we, as a people, do not spend more time thinking about building better homes and better families. If we do, we would solve many of the economic and social ills of our generation and those that are to come.

We all have a very important role to play. Keep on keeping on, even when things seem difficult or hopeless. The barriers are huge and may sometimes seem insurmountable; the problems seem so complex. We are fighting culture, history, apathy, laziness, media, even technology sometimes, among many other things. But, as many brilliant minds have said: “if not us, then who? If not today, then when?” #SalveSays

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  1. Peyx says

    An eye opener for our society today. Thanks and continue inspiring Ms. Salve.

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