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How do you feel about paying taxes?

April 15 is fast approaching. A day of collective pain, for want of a better adjective to describe this annual event. Plus, people’s hatred for taxes is only exceeded by their frustration with how difficult it is to pay the right amount.

This is a reform area that has few brave souls. Battling the difficulties in the Philippines’ tax system requires a superhuman–and someone who may not be a bit right in the head (haha). Raymond Abrea, who is on a suicide mission to fix tax administration more than anything else, may be a candidate. I have front-seat view of his mission, wondering if he will survive the battle. (Just kidding!)

Here’s a thought, however. We are what society becomes. Its our individual resolve to give our share that will tip things in favor of an equitable tax system. We don’t have to wait for a perfect government to pay the right amount. We don’t have to wait for all corrupt politicians to die. We pay and then become the kind of citizens who will demand transparency and accountability. That’s real people power. #SalveSays

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